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Our Weaning Journey

Weaning can be a really daunting stage. a million things run through your head. Can they have this? Can they have that? Will they Choke? What will the like? Will it be messy? Are they Ready? When will I know if they are ready?

It is advised that you start weaning around 6 months, I have weaned all three at different ages and had three very different weaning experiences

So how will you know that your baby is ready? my only advice is that only you will know when your baby is ready. If you feel you are ready to start weaning, try with a small amount of puree or baby porridge if Your baby's tongue pushes forward and food comes back out I would say that your baby is not ready.

Riley was 4 months, I know this goes against what is advised by health professionals but as a first time mum I was very much influenced by other peoples opinions and in all honesty I don't regret weaning him early, he was a very greedy baby and by this point nothing seemed to fill him. I was given a weaning book by a family friend and started making all my own purees.

Georgie was 6 months. She was a small baby and was very content with just her milk so I wasnt in any rush to start weaning and went with what she wanted. Again I made my own purees but this time I also tried baby led weaning. Which she throughly loved BLW and so did I. As a busy mum of two it was easier and quicker for me to feed Georgie what ever we was having. As much as I hate the mess of BLW it really worked for us

Fern’s journey is a whole different story. At around 4.5 months I was advised to start weaning due to suspected cows milk protein allergy. She was not ready, she would gag and push the puree back out of her mouth. I left it for a few weeks and tried again at 5 months, again she was not ready. At around 6 months I decided to try again, this time she was ready and was wanting more. Fern FINALLY received her CMPA diagnosis in November 2018. Since then she has been on a cows milk and soya free diet. This brings a whole new set of challenges, things that you don't think would contain milk do. I have an app on my phone and i am constantly scanning stuff to make sure its ok for her. I make all my own puree for fern as I am super paranoid about the ingrediants. from time to time I do use pouches as long as I am 100% happy that they contain NO cows milk and NO soya.

If you a planning on making your own purees here is a list of my weaning essentials:

* Hand blender or food processor

* Containers to store the Puree in (I bought 50× 100ml Hinged Lid Plastic Containers form Amazon for around £6)

* Waterproof Long Sleeved Bibs

* Soft-Tip Infant Spoon

* Bowls

* Weaning recipe book

Ferns weaning routine:

7am- Early morning bottle

about an hour after her bottle she will have a bowl of porridge

Snack ( rice cakes, fruit, melty puffs)

12pm- Lunch- Puree or BLW

1.30pm - Mid afternoon bottle

Snack ( rice cakes, fruit, melty puffs)

4.30pm- Dinner- Puree or BLW

6.30pm- Night time bottle

I will put our favourite recipes on another blog so that its much easier for everyone to find.

Much Love

Sam xx


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